Despite not being as popular as the larger genres such as drama or comedy, there are many lifestyle films that you may choose to watch from rental stores or from websites that offer free movies online. Using realism, lifestyle films depict the typical way of life of a person or an entire group. These films may feature stories that seemingly lack a coherent plot.  Instead, the focus is put on how the characters live their everyday life.

    <strong>Life as the Rich</strong>

    The emphasis may also be specifically placed on a certain aspect of their lifestyle. Some films, for example, may focus on the lifestyle of the rich such as in the case of 2010s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

    <strong>Life in the Industry</strong>

    There are also lifestyle films that attempt to capture the lifestyle of people in certain industries. In 2006s The Devil Wears Prada, for example, we see a simple and nave character get thrown into a fast paced lifestyle within the fashion industry.

    <strong>Healthy Living</strong>

    There are also certain films that focus on food and diet. These films include 2010s Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Also related to food and diet, there are some films that put emphasis on the journey of improving ones health. This includes Crazy, Sexy Cancer, and Let Me Be Frank.

    Lifestyle films can be very interesting to watch. While watching these, you may even be able to learn one or two new things from it. The films aforementioned are only some of the few lifestyle films made in recent years.If you are interested in taking a peek at the lifestyle of other people as well as in getting some lifestyle tips from film, you may easily look up this genre at websites offering free streaming movies as well as free movie downloads.