With fast paced fight scenes, stylized gun plays as well as dangerous stunt works, action films can be enjoyed by those who crave for excitement. The flurry of movement in an action sequence can draw the attention of the viewers. Likewise, the physical acrobatics and choreography of a fight scene can easily fascinate and put those who are watching on the edge of their seats.

    Fortunately, a lot of the free movie downloads and free streaming movies are of action films.

    A millionaire heiress is busted with drug dealers in one of the action movies 'Bail Out' right here on, and a sleazy bail bondsman see this as his big break.   Another great action film on our site is 'Dinosaur Island' deadly prehistoric creatures menace the survivors from a ship wreck.

    The Early Beginnings of Action Films

    Early action films in the 1920s encompassed adventurestories in the period setting or the Western setting. If you are interested in seeing these old school movies, there are many free movies online that you may check out.

    By the 1960s, actions films became dominated by the spy adventure stories such as the James Bond series. This particular series of films introduced anessential element of the modern action films we see up until today. This staple is the resourceful character that can serve as a one-man army throughout the film. Aside from a wide array of weapons of gadgets, such heroes are also equipped with witty one-liners and quips.

    The Peak of Action Films

    By 1970, detective and crime stories became incorporated into action films. Moreover, the 1980s gave rise to the so called action era. This period was popularized by many famous actors such as Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris.

    In Hong Kong, the period from the 1970s to the 1990s is also considered the peak of action films. Martial arts movies were popularized by Bruce Lee in the 1970s. In the same decade, kung fu films with a touch of comedy were also popularized, this time by Jackie Chan.

    Action Films Today

    Today, the action genre by itself continues to flourish. However, it is typically seen in fusion with tent pole pictures. Aside from that, action sequences especially Asian martial arts techniques and other stunt works can be commonly seen in different types of films such as the super hero movies.