When thinking of Western films, some of the first things that come to mind are cowboys with guns. This is because the usual heroes or protagonists of many of these Western films are semi-nomadic people riding their horses. The stories typically follow the these heroes as they act as the mighty knight to the damsels in distress.

    The stories may also follow certain themes that typically characterize Western films. One of the most common themes is the conquest of the wilderness. Some of the issues that stem from such a theme include territorial disputes as well as the hardships of establishing a new civilization. Another common theme is the implementation of strong and rigid sense of justice and code of honor within a society.

    In Western films, the setting is usually characterized by arid and barren deserts that are home to small communities. The amenities in such towns are typically limited to a small marketplace, some stables, a single church, a school and a jailhouse. Other common settings in the American Old West include secluded ranches, homesteads and forts.

    With the combination of different characters, themes and settings, the Western movie gave rise to other subgenres. The variations paved way for seven other subgenres that have their own specific set of characteristics. For example, the Union Pacific subgenre tell stories that relate to the development of railroads, telegraph lines as well as other transportation and communication lines.

    The Marshal subgenre revolve around men in the law. On the other hand, the Outlaw subgenre revolve around gangs. Both the Cavalry subgenre and the Indian subgenre tell stories about the conquest of the nature that paves the way for the establishment of settlements. The Empire subgenre revolves around characters such as landowners. On the other hand, Revenge subgenre, as its name implies, revolves around characters trying to solve mysteries and taking revenge.

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