Fear can be a great and thrilling stimulus, thats why we love watching horror films. Whether it is Halloween or just a choice to have a fright night, get a group together for safety and watch free movies online. See the hairs stand on your arms, and think about the possibility this horror could actually be true, somewhere in the world.

    Horror films seek to elicit fear and negative emotions from the viewers. However, a lot of people are still attracted to the heart-stopping appeal of horror films. Usually, this horror films show the introduction of negative elements into the lives of the characters. These negative forces may come in the form of people and events.

    Murders and Crimes in Horror Films

    In one of the most watched horror movies, Paranormal Entity, the negative force comes in the form of the murder of Edgar Lauren who is a fifty two year old paranormal investigator and professor. The character, Thomas Finley, is arrested for this murder as well as the murder of his own nineteen year old sister, Samantha.

    Monsters and Vampires

    Monsters or other supernatural entities are also commonly used in many horror films. The first monster in the horror genre is seen in the first version of the movie Frankenstein, produced by Edison Studios. In the early years of horror as a film genre, vampires were also commonly featured. As early as 1922, the vampire was already introduced in the movie Nosferatu, which was an adaptation of Brams Stokers Dracula.

    Armageddon and Slashers

    The advancement of technology eventually inspired a shift from Gothic themes to more modern themes. The horror films produced in the 1950s and the 1960s featured Armageddon or world-wide crisis. In these films, the entire human race is faced with alien invasions, emergence of lethal diseases, and mutations of animals and other creatures.

    The horror films made in the 1960s also featured blood and gore. Slasher films became popular with the success of Peeping Tom in 1960, and Psycho, also in 1960.

    Demons, Ghosts and Zombies

    The negative forces most commonly used in horror movies also include demons, ghosts and zombies. In the 1960s, many Asian movies such as Kuroneko made use of ghosts and spirits. Also in the 1960s, movies such as the Night of the Living Dead made use of zombies. The appeal of zombies is probably rooted in gore shock, which has also become a common theme in horror films. Today, ghosts and zombies are still very popular.