Is it fact? Or Fiction? Or as the name suggests for this type of movie, a combination of both. Sci-Fi movies are incredibly popular as they often overlap with fantasy and horror films, taking us into the realm of possibility. If youre not already hooked on science fiction then watch free movies online to get a taste of what this genre is about. Then see if you can resist watching a second sci-fi movie.

    At RecallTV, some of the most famous cult sci-fi films like Mega Piranha can be streamed and watched. Lethal piranhas that have grown to extraordinarily huge sizes consume everything they come into contact with. From the Amazon, these mutated piranhas kill their way to populated Florida.

    Another famous cult sci-fi film entitled Alien Abduction can be enjoyed by the viewers at RecallTV. A woman abducted by frightening extraterrestrials is quarantined inside a military facility. Hundreds of others are taken and isolated.

    A Blend of Science and Imaginative Play makes a good Science Fiction Film

    These two films are great examples of how science fiction films combine the use of both imaginative and scientific themes and elements.  Usually, films in the sci-fi genre are set in a different world or in a possible future of our existing world. The most common themes include the future, alternative timelines, time travel, subterranean earth or middle earth, or a completely different realm. The most common elements include futuristic items, different social systems, and supernatural powers.

    Because of such use of imaginative elements, science fiction films may sometimes be confused with fantasy films. However, there is a major difference between how these two genres apply these elements. In fantasy films, the film displays these elements as make-believe concepts. On the other hand, in science fiction, the film always attempts to explain the supposedly unexplainable with scientifically correct postulates and existing physical laws. These explanations are usually not spot-on, but the film makes it seem believable.

    Anyone interested in getting acquainted with the science fiction genre should start with the most popular films. Great examples include the first three movies in the Star Wars series starting with the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope released in 1977. Another great series of sci-fi films is Star Trek. You can easily find these movies in websites offering free streaming movies or free movie downloads.