Drama films draw and seduce us into the story line as we follow along with the plot and become intrigued as piece by piece the different characters develop and their personalities and their motives unfold to entertain us. When you watch free movies online some of the most enthralling are drama films.

    The drama genre tries to touch its viewers by appealing to their emotions. The characters in drama films are usually involved in some sort of dilemma such as alcoholism, drug addiction, prejudice, sexuality and infidelity. Even though you are not experiencing the same problem as the characters in the drama films, it is still very easy to feel for them.

    Because of the wide array of possible issues and topics to focus on, drama has become one of the largest genres in the field of filmography. It can easily incorporate different elements from other genres such as romance, legal films, documentaries, historical films, tragedies, epics and even comedy.

    One of the most common issues featured in drama films is politics. Most of these political issues involve wars. With a realistic adaptation of previous wars the world has experienced, the viewers are able to somehow relate to the people affected by these violent events.

    If you are interested in getting a glimpse of the lives of the people affected by these wars, you can easily find drama films and war films from rental stores and from websites that are offering free streaming movies and free movie downloads.

    Another popular theme, which was popularized in the 1970s, is sports. In 1976, the movie Rocky became a big hit. One more popular theme was also popularized in the coming decades. By 1990s, films set in prison with legal themes have become widely produced.

    If you are in need of a good cry or a cathartic cleanse, drama films can be a good choice of genre.Today, political and war themes are still popular. However, the most widely viewed subgenre today is probably romantic drama.