This genre of bizarre, weird and odd films is experiencing a rise in popularity as websites now offer free movies online. Sometimes you will gasp in disbelief, other times you will be amazed at how different we can all be.

    Odd Themes and Elements

    Weird movies make use of themes and elements unusual to most films in other genres. For example, weird movies may make use of non-linear storylines in order to slowly unravel the entire plot. The movies may also feature nonsensical plots in order to confuse the viewers. Other elements may include surrealism, postmodernism, abstracts and even psychological horror. Psychological horror may come in the form of deprivation and isolation if the character.

    Intertwined Concepts of Reality and Non-reality

    Reality and Imagination can be intertwined smoothly through dreams, nightmares, day dreams and hallucinations. One of the most common ways to achieve this is through an imaginative play with the visuals. Many film makers such as David Lynch popularized the use of surrealist elements in the movies. Also, a lot of film makers such as Luis Bunuel used concepts of good and bad dreams in order to produce notable films in the weird genre.

    Eerie Settings

    Aside from strange visuals, the audio of a film can also be used in order to easily establish the tone in each setting in the movies. For example, a famous movie entitled 8 used an opening sequence with no sounds at all. Although the move was simple, it probably made the viewers wonder for a long time why there were no sounds. This film was produced by Federico Fellicini in the early 1960s as a semi-autobiographical account.

    One of the most popular weird films ever produced is the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which was released in 1971. Even though this movie serves as an adaptation of a classic childrens book, it still introduced psychedelic experience and an eccentric perception of reality in order to tell the story.

    Although watching weird films can be disturbing or simply mind-boggling, it can also serve as in interesting stimulation for the mind. Many websites today offer free streaming movies and free movie downloads. At RecallTV, a wide selection of both modern and classic weird films can be found.