War films can be documentary in nature, presenting us with historical facts, or can be fictitious and using some basic facts to create an intriguing story that seems plausible. If you like battles in the air, over land, the plight and fight of prisoners, as well as covert military operations, sit down and watch free movies online about war, defeat and triumph.

    A wide selection of acclaimed war films are available for streaming and watching at RecallTV. One of the most viewed war films here is the movie Escape from Sobibor, which was created by Richard Rashke. This film tells the gripping and compelling account of a prison escape from a Nazi death camp in the World War II.

    War Films for a Cause

    Many of the war films feature wars that the world has already experienced. Word War I and World War II are two of the most common settings for this type of film. Even as early as 1915, war films about World War I were already being made. The silent movie entitled Birth of a Nation is an example of a great film made for a horrible cause.

    In 1918, Charlie Chaplin made the movie Shoulder Arms. This movie is probably the first war film that incorporated elements from comedy films.

    War Documentary Films

    After the Word War II, a lot of war films were made. Many of these films featured a documentary or semi-documentary approach. This approach became successful, and the film makers began to work with the government as well as the civilians in order to shoot the actual equipment and location of battles.

    Other films that revolved around the story of the World War II were Pearl Harbor, Charlotte Gray, and Saving Private Ryan.

    Self-Sacrifice in War Films

    Another common approach is to make use of self-sacrifice as a theme. In movies such as Sands of Iwo Jima as well as D-Day the Sixth of June, characters served as self-sacrificing heroes.

    War vs. Anti-War

    As opposed to glorifying wars, some movies focus on the negative effects of on-going or upcoming wars. For those interested in seeing firsthand this difference between war films and anti-war films, you may opt to watch many war movies that are already available as free movies online.