Feel like you need a good belly laugh?! Comedy films of both yesterday and today could be just what you need. Youll find heaps of these on free movie download websites and those with free streaming movies. A great comedy movie has a plot built around humorous effects and a centre story line that you just know will be fraught with laughs, especially as different personalities and characteristics are exaggerated.

    There are many types of comedy films, but most of them features light hearted stories that can easily lift up the mood of its viewers. The funny one-liners and happy endings make this genre one of the most sought after.

    Slapstick and Anarchic Comedy

    The very first comedy films were mostly silent movies. During this era of silent films, slapstick comedy was most common. Because there are no sounds, the films rely on visual depictions alone. The Three Stooges is one of the greatest examples of slapstick comedy.

    Aside from silent movies, the very first comedy films also made use of random types of humor. This is called anarchic comedy. Movies made by Month Python are some examples of this type of comedy.

    Romantic Comedy Films

    Today, one of the most popular subgenre of comedy films is romantic comedy. Romantic comedy, which is usually shortened to rom-com, stays true to the nature of comedies that feature light hearted stories. The plot revolves around the relationship of two or more people. Upon the success of When Harry Met Sally in 1989, more romantic comedy films have emerged.You can easily look these popular movies up at websites that are offering free movies online.

    Satirical and Black Comedy

    Taking advantage of other types of genres, parodies and spoof films makes use of stereotypes, sarcasm, and mockery. This type of comedy usually targets other existing films in order to make the viewers laugh.

    Similarly, black comedy films make use of satire in order to get its message across the viewers. However, unlike parodies and spoofs, black comedy films focus on serious and taboo subjects such as sex, suicide, war and death.  This type of comedy may appeal to viewers who appreciate dark humor.

    Mixing of Genres in Comedy Films

    Aside from the light hearted stories and happy endings, many comedy films also incorporated social and political commentaries into the plots. Moreover, manymovies under different genresnow featurecomic elements. These movies include action, adventure, horror, fantasy, sci-fi,warand even drama films.