Predatory Instinct

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Original title: Predatory Instinct - 2011 | 94 min
Genre: Horror
Director: Daniel Alexander
Cast: Kristin Leigh, Aaron Ginn-Forsberg, Josh Bingenheimer, Davina Joy, Michael Jason Allen, Stephanie Meredith Weyant
Three young adults meet a charismatic stranger at closing time of the bar where they work. They accept an invitation to join a late night gathering he is attending with some friends in a secluded desert house. At first charmed by their interesting hosts, a violent encounter changes the tone of their evening, and the group begins to realize that all may not be as it seems with their new acquaintances. Faced now with a decision to either wait out the morning or plot an escape, they contend not only with the ambiguous true nature of their hosts, but also strange, unknown humanoid creatures roaming the desert who may pose a threat to all involved.
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