Where The Devil Dwells

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Original title: Where The Devil Dwells - 2015 | 81 min
Genre: Horror
Director: Marc Sampson
Cast: Walter Peña, Scott Anthony Leet, David O'Hara, Alexis Raben

The year is 1989 and satanic paranoia runs rampant in America. Just out of the Sunnyvale Psychiatric Hospital, Lenard Vasquez, son of allegedly-slain serial killer Oren Butcher Vasquez, is remanded under house arrest with intensive supervision by Don Miller, a sadistic sheriff who abides by his own set of rules. Soon after moving in, Lenard is tormented by ominous signs that may be the design of a dangerous cult. Lenards mental illness may never allow him to find out for sure. He enlists the help of a local student, Mitzi, to help him for the duration of his sentence. But when Lenards father threatens to come back into his life and resume killing, he has to grapple with the question of what is real and how he will survive.

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