Definition Of Fear

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Original title: Definition Of Fear - 2015 | 88 min
Genre: Horror
Director: James F Simpson
Cast: Jacqueline Fernandez, Katherine Barrell, Blythe Hubbard, Mercedes Papalia
Four beautiful girl friends, who live and work in New York, spend the weekend at a holiday cabin, by a frozen lake, under the pretense of a girly weekend away organised by Sarah Fording. Sarah has a hidden agenda to secretly film her three friends as part of her PhD  thesis in psychology. She has set up the weekend to carry out her experiment and film the effect, using hidden cameras, of really scaring her friends The friends find a Ouija board which has been planted by Sarah, and when they start to play the board, strange paranormal experiences start to happen. They discover that maybe they are not alone, and what was meant to be a girls weekend away, turns out to be a weekend from hell.
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